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*** Are you minding your PQ?  Is your Company Operating at Genius level? ***


Global Quality Partners provide highly technical, cost-effective, strategic quality focused solutions through test automation, performance engineering services, and full product quality life cycle support.

Below is a list of our services:

GQP ICD-10 High-Precision Test Coverage Subscription Services

Your organization is making the transition from the International Classification of Desease, version 9 (ICD-9) to ICD-10.  ICD-10 Consists of 68000 possible diagnosis codes.  You know you can't test them all, so what is your approach?  Some orgranizations are trying to identify the top 5000 to test, while yet others are focused on the top Real-World Scenarios.  Is this good enough?  Your IT Organization has to change many Data Elements/Variables (ICD-9 to ICD-10; similar to the Y2k problem), as well as the associated Business Logic, across numerous applications.  What percentage of these Data Elements or Business Logic will your Scenarios or top 5000 Diagnosis Code Testing efforts actually execute/test?  The simple answer is that YOU DO NOT KNOW.  Are you willing risk millions of dollars on this approach.  Well now you can know what your risk is with precision.  KNOW what ICD Data Elements and Business Logic has been tested, and what has not, with this unique service from GQP.  Click here to learn more.


GQP ICD-10 Expeditious Code Remediation Assessment Services

One of the most crucial aspects of your move from ICD-9 to ICD-10 is your assessment and planning for the remediation of each application.  Multi-million dollar budgets, scheduling, and resource planning are dependent upon these assessments.  These assessments, which have most likely occurred around dozens, if not hundreds of applications in your organization, where done by individuals, or individual teams; each with its own, undocumented approach and methodology.  Such processes are often open to underestimation, generalization, and human error.  Unfortunately, a lot of money and human resources are dependent upon these assessments, not to mention the impending ICD-10 compliance deadline.  While most organizations have already made these assessments, there is no better time to assess the accuracy of these assessments, and right-size, or reset course direction now, before it is too late, and too many dollars have been wasted.  Alternatively, if you are behind on schedule and still have application remediation assessments that need to be completed ASAP, there is nothing better than a consistent, documentable, automated approach that can be done in 1/10 the time as traditional means, and which saves you costs in the process.  The GQP ICD-10 Expeditious Code Remediation Assessment Service provides all this and more.  Click here to learn more.


GQP Affordable, Deep Dive, Professional Performance Optimization Service

We are finally in the era of affordable load testing tools and deep dive application monitoring and diagnostics.  This coupled with the extraordinary skills of the Performance Engineers at GQP, allows us to bring you Software Performance Optimization Services with unprecedented value and root cause analysis for low level issues and system bottlenecks.


GQP Scalability & Stress Test Bundle    

If you want cost-effective, one-stop scalability and stress testing, including test tools, hardware, and professional management and execution all bundled together for one low, fixed price, then this bundle is for you.  Click here to learn more.



GQP Cloud & GQP Lab Services    

Whether you need On-Demand remote Cloud computing virtual machine services, or remote physical hardware ranging from PCs, MACs, Workstations, to Mainframes,  GQP can help you.  To learn more, click here.


Systems Investment Optimization™ (SIO™)

To learn more about GQP's innovative management framework that allows you to deliver customer satisfying IT solutions, while minimizing costs throughout the software development life cycle, click here.


GQP Assessment Services

Need a professional Gap Analysis in regards to your quality assurance program, automation, performance testing, or security programs.  Click here to find out more about how GQP can help you.


GQP Quality Program QuickStart Services

If you need to build a QA team piecemeal, and want to get up and running quickly and temporarily, with help in building your permanent team, then GQP's Quality Program QuickStart Services are right for you Click here for more information.


GQP On-Demand Automated Functional Testing Services

Need automated functional testing services On-Demand, when and only when you need them?  Read more about our On-Demand Automated Functional Testing Services by clicking here.


GQP On-Demand Performance Engineering Services™

If you simply need to know the scalability or stress point of your system under test, or you need to know whether to use Oracle versus SQLServer, have a production problem that needs triage, or are in the market for regular ongoing, cost-effective performance engineering, our scalable, on-demand performance engineering services are for you.  Click here to learn more.


GQP On-Demand Globally Integrated Team™ Services

Our On-demand Globally Integrated Team services allow you to seamlessly integrate a fully managed team of onshore and offshore resources as an extension of your existing personnel.  What's more, you can blend the skill set of the team and easily scale the size of your team up or down on a monthly basis!  Click here to read more about our On-demand Globally Integrated Team services.



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